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The Cost of Developing a Web Site

The cost of your Web site is based upon the type of site you want. There are 3 major types.

One Page Web Site:

A One Page Web Site is exactly that - one page. It is the only product that Bits & Bytes offers that uses templates. Sites are basic but effective. They typically include the business logo, contact information, a brief description of products and services, an interactive location map, and a photo or two. One Page Web Sites may easily be expanded into full sites at any time.

Fee for a One Page Web Site is $125 per year and is usually completed and online in a couple of days.

Who should use a One Page Web Site?

  • New businesses with very tight budgets.
  • Long-time business owners who are not totally comfortable with the internet.
  • Business Owners who want a Web site but aren't sure what it should do for them?
  • Entrepreneurs who want to get their 'online' feet wet.
  • Businesses who need an internet presence NOW but have not yet gathered all the content for a larger site.
  • Softball, and tennis teams.

Brochureware Site:

A Brochureware Web Site is an expansive informational site. Unlike a print brochure, there are no space limitations on a Web site. A Brochureware Web Site is designed especially for the customer. It reflects the personality of the business rather than looking like every other site on the Internet. It may include interactive location maps, contact information, contact or request forms, business history, details of product and services offered, staff qualifications, staff photos, licenses and awards, photos of completed work, before and after photos, and unique information about the organization. A small number of "buy now" or "donate here" options may be added to the site usually for no additional cost.

The One-Time Fee for a Brochureware Web Site is $1,300 - $1,500 and may be completed in a couple of weeks.

Who should use a Brochure Web Site?

  • Service Industries
  • Plumbers
  • Doctor's Offices
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Department Managers
  • Restaurants
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Health Agencies
  • Social Organizations
  • Clubs
  • Medical Centers
  • Photographers
  • Tennis and Golf Leagues


Photo by Kenn Livingston