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The Process: Developing a Web Site

While there are many issues to developing a Web site these are the basic steps.

A brochureware site will take around 2 weeks to develop and launch if all the content is available.

An ecommerce site, selling products and/or services, typically takes 2 to 4 months to launch.

  1. Determine a domain name for the site
  2. Contract a host for the site. The type of site you have may determine what host you use.
  3. Gather content for the site (text and images).
  4. Determine the personality of the organization.
  5. Determine the design and structure of your site. This is the site's overall look and feel.
  6. Add content.
  7. Tweak the design if necessary (minor tweaks only).
  8. Review, proof, and test every page, every link, and every process on the site.
  9. Approve the site for launch.
  10. Optimize the site for Search Engines.
  11. Launch the site.

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Photo by Kenn Livingston