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One Page Web Site - Is it for you?

When a one page will do. Get a simple, affordable one page web site with your own domain name, the products & services you offer, and your contact information for only $125 a year. Get more information at Easy One Page Web Sites (Click here).

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Bits & Bytes web site designers will work with you to design, develop, and launch the Web site you have in mind.

We help enhance your online image, creating strategically effective Web site. We develop one-of-a-kind marketing Web designs as well as interactive and e-commerce web sites.

Bits & Bytes custom designs all Web sites so your organization gets what it needs without looking like every other Web site.


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Let Bits & Bytes fill all of your Web Site Design & Production needs.

Web Site Design - Kalamazoo Michigan Web site Designs are clean and user friendly
Web Site Design - Portage Michigan Graphics load quickly
Web Site Design - Jupiter Florida Navigation is clear
Web Site Design - West Palm Florida Information is easy to find
Web Site Development - Michigan Florida Sites completed on-time or ahead of schedule
Web Site Maintenance Updates are timely
One Page Web Sites Reliable Web hosting available
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